Lampades/Bleakwood – Split – EP
Obscure dark death metal VS Progressive black metal, both bands are from Australia.
Limited to 333 copies, black vinyl with very limited green/white vinyl, 10euros postage paid wordwide, also accept trade. Email for more detail.
Perditism – The Sign of Total Genocide – LP
The first official release of this long running Chinese black metal band, include in this LP are 5 tracks recorded while the member still live in Sydney, Australia. 3 original tracks and 2 c0vers (Kreator and Mantas), influenced by Melbourne style war metal like D666 and Grenade, as well as classic 80″ Teutonic black thrash metal.
Cover art by Chris Moyen, hand numbered to 98 copies, comes with A3 poster and logo sticker, random colored vinyl. 160rmb plus postage, around 25 copies left.
Psychedelic Lotus Order & Dying Art Production present
Infernal Curse (Argentina) – Awakening of the Damned Tour Beijing Live Ritual 2012.1.18                                                                                              Both labels will have merch stall, with tons of hard to find vinyl CD and other stuff.
Price ticket: Advance 60yuan, At Door 90 yuan
Venue: 麻雀瓦舍 北京市朝阳区广渠路36号红点艺术工厂院内
Guest bands:
Never Before (Occult Stoner Metal)
never before
never before
The Metaphor (Black/Thrash Metal)
Skeletal Augury (Old school Black Metal)
skeletal augury

OOPS! we have a label shirt

October 24, 2012

For whatever reason, we decided to print a label shirt now!Black on white.The front side is a new design of our logo, thanks David of Eaten Alive, it looks very old school death metal-ish. The back side is a ‘send 2 irc’s for reply’ motif, we brutally ripped off an old flyer by Mega Mag, the old zine from Jon of Dissection, hope he rest in cosmic chaos. 777!
This is a ‘print upon request’ run, so if you need a copy, send us email with your name, address and shirt size. The price is 20$ postage paid every where, airmail with tracking number of course. We won’t print more than 15 shirts, and we won’t wait for more than 2 weeks, so either of these conditions reached, we will stop accept order.





October 9, 2012

Psychedelic Lotus Order is proudly working with EATEN ALIVE from Chile,feature members from Perversor, Atomic Aggressor etc. Do not expect double bass drum hyper blast shit that most nowadays south american death metal bands play, this is mid paced, doomy old school death metal and it’s rotten to the core! We are aiming to release their debut EP in the up coming months, in the mean while, listen to their promo track here: or grab their ultra limited promo cassette, it’s looks and sounds like released in 1986.

Upcoming new release

October 9, 2012

Update:Upcoming new release
Firstly, I would thank everyone who bought the Necromancy LP, because your amazing support, more than half of the press are gone, I think it’s a great score for such an unknown band with their debut vinyl release. Keep the support coming!

We have two new releases are going to press very soon, and scheduled to be released in early December.
Encoffination/Grave Upheaval – Split – EP
The sought after split is finally going to be available again, this time on seven inches record, as the original planned. We have slightly revised the layout to reflect the current state of both bands, the sound stay same. This press is in a larger scale, but still limited, so for those who missed the previous twelve inches version, don’t hesitate to order.

Lampades/Bleakwood – Split – EP
We are working with 2 up raising force from the land of kangaroo,or the land of the most savage,violent extreme metal. Lampades is 5 piece band from south of Australia, they play ultra heavy and crushing death metal massacre, their first cassette is already released on NWN production, this split EP is their debut vinyl appearance. Bleakwood is raw black metal from Sydney, they play European style raw black metal, remind me bit of very early Deathspell Omega.



August 7, 2012

Update:New Releases out now
Ok here is a long over due update.
The 12″ version of Grave Upheaval/Encoffination split is sold out, I don’t think any distributor carry it for normal price right now. Don’t panic if you didn’t get a copy, we are working on repress it on 7″ vinyl with revised artwork, out probably end of fall.
We just jump in bandcamp wagon, to hear our newest releases, please go to:
Necromancy – Ananta Aradhana LP : The new release out now, which is debut LP of Swedish rocker Necromancy, this is vinyl exclusive album (so far at least), I think this band is very promising. The LP is limited to 300 copies with 100 on purple vinyl, grab copy if you can. It available from the following distribution:

Iron Bonehead Production
Nuclear War Now!
Iron Tyrant Production
Amor Fati Production
Chalice of Blood Angel Productions
Analog Worship
Unborn Production
Me Saco Uno Jo Production

Out Soon: Encoffination/Grave Upheaval – Split 12″
This piece of infinite darkness feature exclusive and specially recorded new track from both bands.
Encoffination bring another monumental, atmospheric doom death anthem like no others can play.Grave Upheaval offer their debut vinyl appearance,abyssal death metal gospel with obscure vibe of doom metal.
This release will be available on 12″ black vinyl with 45rpm for loudest and darkest sound, limited 200 copies.
Hyponic – Black Sun – LP
The fourth installment of ‘Chinese Metal Classic Series’.
Debut album by Hongkong’s own doomster Hyponic,a milestone album in the Chinese metal history. Original self released back in 2000, soon received international praise.For the first time,Psychedelic Lotus Order in collaboration with Jinli Production reissue this massive slab of doom death on black vinyl. Think the ancient god of My Dying Bride mix slow down turned death metal like Incantation, ultra heavy and pounding. Comes with remastered audio,spot UV cover and 12″x12″ insert with lyric and band memo.
16euros + postage,send your order to
Hades – Discography – LP
The third installment of ‘Chinese Metal Classic Series’.
Hades was one and only Chinese death metal in the early 90, hailed from Beijing,Hades created some really dark and unique death metal in their rather long career(more than 15 years). This album collects all the studio tracks by the original line up during 1994-1998, CD version released back in 2002,instantly became collector item and reach high price on Chinese auction site. This vinyl version feature remastered sound, un-cut cover and brand new artwork, limited to undisclosed amount.
16euros + postage, send your order to