OOPS! we have a label shirt

October 24, 2012

For whatever reason, we decided to print a label shirt now!Black on white.The front side is a new design of our logo, thanks David of Eaten Alive, it looks very old school death metal-ish. The back side is a ‘send 2 irc’s for reply’ motif, we brutally ripped off an old flyer by Mega Mag, the old zine from Jon of Dissection, hope he rest in cosmic chaos. 777!
This is a ‘print upon request’ run, so if you need a copy, send us email with your name, address and shirt size. The price is 20$ postage paid every where, airmail with tracking number of course. We won’t print more than 15 shirts, and we won’t wait for more than 2 weeks, so either of these conditions reached, we will stop accept order.





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