Upcoming new release

October 9, 2012

Update:Upcoming new release
Firstly, I would thank everyone who bought the Necromancy LP, because your amazing support, more than half of the press are gone, I think it’s a great score for such an unknown band with their debut vinyl release. Keep the support coming!

We have two new releases are going to press very soon, and scheduled to be released in early December.
Encoffination/Grave Upheaval – Split – EP
The sought after split is finally going to be available again, this time on seven inches record, as the original planned. We have slightly revised the layout to reflect the current state of both bands, the sound stay same. This press is in a larger scale, but still limited, so for those who missed the previous twelve inches version, don’t hesitate to order.

Lampades/Bleakwood – Split – EP
We are working with 2 up raising force from the land of kangaroo,or the land of the most savage,violent extreme metal. Lampades is 5 piece band from south of Australia, they play ultra heavy and crushing death metal massacre, their first cassette is already released on NWN production, this split EP is their debut vinyl appearance. Bleakwood is raw black metal from Sydney, they play European style raw black metal, remind me bit of very early Deathspell Omega.



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