August 7, 2012

Update:New Releases out now
Ok here is a long over due update.
The 12″ version of Grave Upheaval/Encoffination split is sold out, I don’t think any distributor carry it for normal price right now. Don’t panic if you didn’t get a copy, we are working on repress it on 7″ vinyl with revised artwork, out probably end of fall.
We just jump in bandcamp wagon, to hear our newest releases, please go to: http://psychedeliclotusorder.bandcamp.com/
Necromancy – Ananta Aradhana LP : The new release out now, which is debut LP of Swedish rocker Necromancy, this is vinyl exclusive album (so far at least), I think this band is very promising. The LP is limited to 300 copies with 100 on purple vinyl, grab copy if you can. It available from the following distribution:

Iron Bonehead Production
Nuclear War Now!
Iron Tyrant Production
Amor Fati Production
Chalice of Blood Angel Productions
Analog Worship
Unborn Production
Me Saco Uno Jo Production


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